The W. Allen Ford Masterclass series focuses on the development of not only opera and classical singers, but also répétiteurs and instrumentalists. 

In an industry first, the 7 December W. Allen Ford Masterclass featured renowned soprano, Amelia Farrugia, and distinguished pianist, Bradley Gilchrist, working with emerging répétiteurs and singers in the same session. 

Soprano Anastasia Gall, along with pianist Eklavya Mudgil, were guided by the maestri on Massenet’s ‘Frère, Voyezand Weber’s Kommt ein schlanker brusch gegangen‘.

Tenor Ziwei Matthew Ren and pianist Jamie-Lee Xu were guided by the maestri through Tchaikovsky’s ‘Kuda, Kuda, Kuda vi udalilis‘. Ziwei and Jake Cheong then worked on Handel’s ‘Comfort ye, Every Valley Shall be Exalted‘.

Soprano Eden Shifroni, paired with Jake Cheong, were guided through Moore’s ‘The Ballad of Baby Doe‘. Eden then worked on Massenet’s ‘Je suit encore tout étourdie‘, accompanied by Ashly Zhang.

The audience were delighted to witness this uniquely dynamic and entertaining masterclass that offered insights into the collaborative partnerships that provide the foundation for great music making. 

The W. Allen Ford Masterclass is now available to watch on YouTube HERE.