Supporting the Recording and Preservation of Indigenous Oral History

The Rona Tranby Trust has presented Awards to support a range of oral history projects across Australia. Each award plants a seed that continues to grow over the years and helps to preserve stories important to all Australians.

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History of the Rona Tranby Trust

The Rona Tranby Trust arose out of a bequest in the Will of Thomas Paul Rona who died in September 1987. The Ronas' were Holocaust survivors who lost many family members in Nazi concentration camps during WWII. As a result of their experiences they took a keen role in raising awareness of the Holocaust and promoting inter ethnic harmony. In keeping with these values, the Trustees of the Estate engaged with Tranby National Indigenous Adult Education and Training to develop the Rona Tranby Award and Collection. On September 2nd 1991 the Rona Tranby Trust was launched.

Rona Tranby Collection

The ‘Rona Tranby Collection’ consists of award projects, background information, archival material. It is a repository of stories and experiences that can enrich all Australians as well as people from around the world who would seek to understand our ancient land and broad cultural traditions.

About the Rona Tranby Trust

To date the Rona Tranby Trust has presented 24 Awards to support a range of projects across Australia. Awards of up to $10,000 are given and applicants are assessed on their merits by the Trustees of the Rona Tranby Trust.

Current Project: Rona Tranby Trust Australian Light Horse Centenary Project

The Rona Tranby Trust Australian Light Horse Centenary Project acknowledges & honours the Indigenous soldiers of The Australian Light Horse who served during WWI in the Middle East. The goal of the project is to record the stories of these soldiers, as told by their descendants, and also to support descendants to travel to Beersheba, Israel, to take part in the official Australian and Israeli ceremonies commemorating the centenary of the famous Charge of the Australian Light Horse at Beersheba on 31st October 1917.

"As you gratefully recall the courage and resilience of those who fought a hundred years ago, all Australians join you in saying thank you for their sacrifice.The battlefields at Beersheba may be distant, but the deeds committed there remain close to the heart of our nation. I hope that all of you find much pride and peace in this pilgrimage of honour."

The Honourable Malcom Turnbull MP Prime Minister of Australia, 1 August 2017

Tax Deductibility and Charitable Status Rona Tranby Award & Collection is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Tax Office (Subdivision 20-BA of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997, Item 1 Section 30-15; in Subdivision 30-B; Item 12.1.1 public fund on the register of cultural organisations). Endorsement date: 1 July 2000.

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