We are delighted to announce that following Heats in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom, our National Adjudicator Linnhe Robertson with assistance from local Adjudicators, has selected the eleven impressive young singers who will progress to the Semi-Finals. They are:

Zoe Drummond (VIC) Soprano 25
Josie Ann Ellem (NSW) Soprano 22
Tristan Entwistle (NSW) Baritone 24
Cleo Lee-McGowan (VIC)Soprano 23
Katherine McIndoe (NZ) Soprano 24
Nicole Mealey (WA) Mezzo 21
Madison Nanoa (NZ) Soprano 25
Pasquale Orchard (NZ) Soprano 21
Sophie Sparrow (NZ) Soprano 25
Xenia Puskarz Thomas (QLD) Mezzo 21
Shakira Tsindos (VIC) Mezzo 24

The ASC is extremely grateful for the expertise and insight of the following esteemed Adjudicators who oversaw Heats around the country and internationally:

National Adjudicator
Prof. Linnhe Robertson

UK  – 4 April
David Harper
Kate Paterson

NSW – 7 & 8 May
Anke Höppner-Ryan
Anthony Hunt

VIC – 9 May
Phoebe Briggs
Stephen Grant

WA – 11 May
Fiona McAndrew
Ian Westrip

QLD – 13 May
Jan Black
Shelli Hulcombe
Natalie Peluso

NZ – 15 May
James Clayton
Jenny Wollerman